The shareholder's background in noble fibers prompted the creation of our import and wholesale division Nando Sweaters Inc. in March 1989. The success in marketing our Alpaca line defined further our area of specialization. The operation was then expanded to the design and manufacturing of our knitted garments, with emphasis on Hand knitted sweaters. The designs were a direct inspiration of Canada’s beauty and culture. As our selected wholesale customers reaffirmed their success in our lines, we determined that in order to establish a complete concept and therefore maximize the marketability and profitability, we had to be the actual retailers. We then pursued the search of an ideal location in Banff, one of the best markets we were supplying. Jacques Cartier Clothier Inc. was opened in February 1995.

Our pursuit of product excellence continued by introducing all the noble fibers to our collection of sweaters, namely Cashmere, Camel, Mohair, Angora, Silk, Merino and Fine Cotton. It was at this time that we became aware of the existence of Qiviuk, the inner down of the Canadian Arctic Muskox, without a doubt one of the finest fibers ever and our flagship fibre. In early 1997 a selection process was initiated by The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation to find a company that would undertake the production and manufacturing of this precious fiber professionally.

Earlier attempts were utterly unsuccessful. In September 1997 we signed a contract for the purchase, processing and marketing of this precious fiber. We have developed this fine fiber into top quality yarn, knitted and woven products. We currently supply customers in Canada, USA, Japan and Europe. Our first Qiviuk Boutique was opened in April 1999 at the Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta. Once again we were able to portray an ideal setting and selection for our garments made of this beautiful Canadian Fiber. Historically this is the first time ever such an achievement has occurred.

Our garments are now worn by heads of state and celebrities, such as the Queen of England and Canada, Francis Ford Coppola and Sara Jessica Parker.